You Don’t Have to Marry Your Career

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One of the disillusioning parts of growing older is realizing how many lies and part-truths our society feeds us. Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas, cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis, Thomas Edison did not discover electricity on his own– and guess what? You don’t have to commit to a single career field.

Self Care Basics

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It’s almost the month of love and the most important person we should be showing love to is ourselves. We’ve all heard how important it is to take care of ourselves before we can care for others. But how do we do it? What really is self care? We often romanticize self care as bubble baths and lavish spending, but in truth self care is far less luxurious.

7 Awesome Perks of Living in Southern Oregon

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I fit the Oregonian stereotype almost to a T. I absolutely love getting outside, adventuring, dogs, and finishing my day with a crisp IPA. I love my state, particularly the 100 mile radius of where I am from. I know as a typical Oregonian I should pretend Oregon is awful and try to keep the out-of-staters out of state. But I can’t help but brag of my home. I limited myself to just 7 of my favorite bits about Southern Oregon

Longer Fire Seasons, Less Snow: Climate Change’s Impact on Oregon

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Smoke filled the sky. Ash crept into the lungs of Pacific North Westians. It felt as though the long summer would never end. While most children in the country filled their summer days with swimming pools and freedom from school, parents on the west coast held their children indoors. They limited exposure to the hazardous smoke filled conditions that surrounded them for the entire nearby radius. In Oregon and California the wildfires burned  like hellfire as the residents of both states desperately dreamed of the mercy of winter.

How to Make Adult Friends Using Childhood Tactics

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For elementary school children creating new friendships comes easily. As we age we lose this ability and the process seems to become increasingly difficult. What is it about kids that they can create a friendship in little over a recess period? 

New Year, New You: A Guide to Attainable Resolutions

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A new year is upon us. 2018 is out the door and we welcome 2019 with anticipation for what comes with it. “New year, new me,” a phrase we hear often during this very early time of the year, but rarely see followed through. Several weeks after the new year dawns we overflow with a motivation that fizzles out about as quick as it sets in. It happens year after year, yet here we are creating a new set of resolutions despite failed past efforts. Surely there is a way to break this maddening cycle and live by our resolutions? Well– there’s no one size fits all approach, but I’m here to try and offer one anyways.