7 Awesome Perks of Living in Southern Oregon

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I fit the Oregonian stereotype almost to a T. I absolutely love getting outside, adventuring, dogs, and finishing my day with a crisp IPA. I love my state, particularly the 100 mile radius of where I am from. I know as a typical Oregonian I should pretend Oregon is awful and try to keep the out-of-staters out of state. But I can’t help but brag of my home. I limited myself to just 7 of my favorite bits about Southern Oregon




7 aiff.png

If your love independent film, you don’t want to miss the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF). It’s a 5 day festival that takes place every spring in the neat little hippie town of Ashland. In those 5 days people gather from around the country, and even the world, to watch high quality, thought provoking cinema. Ashland hosts with the perfect blend of excellence and quaintness, leaving visitors feeling a sweet sense of comfort. This year the festival takes place between April 11- 15. You can find more about the festival and eventually the film line up here.

6 crater lake.png

It’s a natural wonder. If you haven’t been to Crater Lake, it is no doubt a must see. Crater lake is the deepest lake in the United States at just over 1,900 feet. Nearly 8,000 years ago this natural beauty formed after the volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama. In and surrounding the massive lake are unique geological rock formations such as wizards island, the phantom ship, the pinnacles of sand creek canyon, and many more. Crater lake is a national park that is open year round. During the winter they offer free snowshoeing tours. You need only pay for parking. Whether you visit in the winter or the summer, Crater lake is a breathtaking sight. More information about Crater Lake National Park can be sought here.

**Note that during the current Government shutdown, this park is not accessible without a capable car and snowshoes. Currently there are no free snowshoe tours. But during normal operation, all the above statements are true.

5 proximity to it all

In Southern Oregon you really can have it all. In less than an hour a drive south takes you to Northern California where the Redwoods touch the sky. About 1.5 to 3 hours west you’re at the coast. 3-4 hours northeast and you find Central Oregon’s breathtaking high desert and the Beer Capital of Oregon. 4-5 hours north on the interstate and You have the “big” city of Portland. And though it’s not any PDX, the MFR airport offers some flights for easy access to vacation.

4 the great outdoor

It should come as no surprise that part of the allure of Oregon rests in its natural landscape. Wonderful scenic views abound in Southern Oregon. There’s no shortage of hikes, lakes, rivers, mountains to play on. We possess access to so much natural, gorgeous, awesomeness. It’s a shame not more places in the country are like Southern Oregon.
We got fishing, flyfishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, you name it. If you can do it outdoors, you can bet there are sweet spots in Southern Oregon for it.

3 or wine.png


photo from pixabay.com


If you live in the Pacific Northwest and you followed the news last summer, California winemakers found themselves in hot water when caught falsely labeling their wines as Oregonian. That should tell you something about Oregon wine if California winemakers want to label their wine as Oregonian for a higher profit margin. Just like the beer world, Oregon kicks ass at making wine. Now I’m more of a beer girl myself, but I can still appreciate a quality glass of wine– and Oregon never disappoints.

2 mircrobrew


photo from pixabay.com


Oregon has some the best beer in the world, and I say that with the utmost confidence. We have figured out the beer game and our IPAs are the pride of Oregon. We don’t only kick butt with IPAs though, Oregon makes great types of beer across the board. Almost any local restaurant has a spread of Oregon beers. If it doesn’t, it’s probably not worth going to. Here in Southern Oregon, we like it straight off the tap– but we will settle for bottle if its a state local brew. Budweiser, PBR, and Coors are like watered down rice beer. Nothing in comparison to the full complex flavor of Oregonian beer.

1 artisan.png

If you love great food and beverage, Southern Oregon has your fix. Our region has loads of award winning restaurants, cafes, eateries, and shops.
If you’re a cheese lover like myself, the Rogue Creamery is located on highway 99 in Central Point. They’ve won a slew awards, including a Good Food Award (which you can learn more about here) in 2016.

The Good Food Awards also bestowed accolade upon Bee Girl Honey, from Ashland in 2016. Noble Coffee Roasting in Ashland also won 6 years in row for their world class coffees, proving that not only does Southern Oregon slay the brewski game, we also dominate the caffeine world.
In addition to the award winning establishments Southern Oregon offers, we also have in our vicinity Dagoba Organic Chocolate from Ashland (Ashland just slays the game for artisan food. #sorrynotsorry), Lillie Belle’s Chocolate of Central Point– hell there’s even an annual chocolate festival hosted in Ashland.
I could go on for another several articles about great places to eat in Southern Oregon, but instead I’ll just tell you that you could find no shortage of good food if you know where to look.

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