Christopher Lake - A Christian Divorce

A Christian Divorce
Divorce presents individuals with one of lifes greatest adversities. And Christians are simply not immune. When it occurs, it must be endured . . . and then overcome.The primary message of A Christian Divorce is radically simple: God calls us to live-out our faith in every circumstance, including before, during and after a divorce.To be a Christian to be a follower of Jesus Christ means that God has called us to lives of significance . . . not just on sunny days, but on the days when we find ourselves caught in torrential down pours. And divorce is one of the most common down pours experienced in our country.If God can use the gruesome event of a crucifixion as a catalyst for faith, then the same God can certainly turn any hardship including divorce into an inspirational force to transform lives. Consequently, whether you or a loved one find yourself on the brink, in the midst, or living in the wake of divorce, A Christian Divorce points all who read it to seek Divine Counsel just as aggressively as they seek legal counsel.In a world that is desperately in need of Christians who are fully embracing and modeling the example of Jesus Christ, there is no greater opportunity to live out the Christian faith than through our own familieswhether they are intact, broken, or breaking. A Christian Divorce encourages and challenges those who find themselves mired in divorce to recognize that now, perhaps more than ever, is crucial time to live out their faith.

ISBN: 9781512742107

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