Chris Leigh-Smith - Bully Proof

Bully Proof
We have all been affected by violence, intimidation, and bullying to some degree. Children are especially vulnerable to the lasting pain and trauma of these experiences. When we give them the tools and understanding to become assertive and self-aware, however, bullying can become a blessing in disguise: a powerful opportunity for personal growth. Choosing to respond to bullying mindfully, in spite of their fears, is the beginning of a journey into true freedom. We can coach our children awareness of bullying dynamics, and teach them the social and emotional skills to thrive in a world where bullies have always existed. With our help, our children can develop the confidence, courage, and knowledge to alter their experiences and excel in life. Bully Proof, The Gift of Self-Esteem provides parents, educators, and coaches with concepts and practical strategies to help guide children on the path to letting go of fear and embracing personal growth, inviting the reader on a journey of self-leadership that goes way beyond being competent with bullies; it shows us how to build a foundation for peace and happiness.

ISBN: 9781460291641

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