Koos Kruger - Business Exit Companion

Business Exit Companion
Even if youve only begun to think about launching a business, its not too early to plan your exit.Koos Kruger, who advises business owners on transitions, explores the important steps you need to take throughout the life of your company to unlock its full value when its time to make a transition.In laymans terms, he outlines the pitfalls that come with exiting a business and what you can do to avoid them. Learn how toassess your current situation;determine what your business is worth and how to maximize its value;evaluate whether the time is right to make a transition;reduce uncertainty among staff and family members; andminimize taxes and fees associated with a transition.Exiting a business must be carefully orchestrated, planned, and organizedand its critical to take steps to head in the right direction before you get to the final destination. Youll need time to execute your plan if you want to reap the rewards you deserve.Change the way you look at the most valuable asset you own, and build a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones with the Business Exit Companion.

ISBN: 9781491769119

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