Ce C - CEC Sketchbook: Volume 1

CEC Sketchbook: Volume 1
The CEC Sketchbook series, reveals the process of creation via openly-tuned antenna transmissions. This volume, January 1993 - February 1994, takes place during classes at ''John Belushi's'' College of DuPage, whilst on the way to play rehearsals, between MCing open music/poetry mics at local coffee-houses, and on short breaks from video co-recording the infamous independent film, ''*The Nocturnal Jurk*''. Frequent synchronicities, coincidences, serendipities, deja-vu and other delightful cosmic a-ha moments brought CEC closer to learning more about the behaviour of USSU and its direct interactions with US. As this technique of happily opening oneself to the process of creation continues being applied, more epiphanies and concoctions continued hopping their way through the rabbit hat. Many times we'll find these characters, phrases, and perpectives reflecting into currently living/occupying space within our personal reality experience paradigms. It can be an indicator that our waking life/dream life is blending more into the venn diagram. If something resonates here with you, it is because you have called it into this very moment of your memory, as nutritional information.

ISBN: 1230001302288

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