Mark Braund - Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual

Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual
Six years on from the worst financial crisis in history, politicians and economists offer the same old arguments. This book explains why a return to "business as usual' is impossible and offers a practical, sustainable alternative. A deeper look at the issues raised by the acclaimed Four Horsemen film. As the global economy veers from crisis to catastrophe, people have finally had enough. Billions are denied effective access to an economy that has been hijacked by vested interests. The people who caused the financial crisis suffer no loss, while the innocent majority see their living standards fall, or pay with their jobs. But it doesn't have to be like this. By equipping ourselves with a better understanding of the crisis and its root causes in a fatally flawed economic system, not only will we be better prepared for the challenges ahead, but we will also find the motivation to work towards real change. The Survival Manual points the way to a saner future. The need for change has never been more urgent, but the conditions have never been more favourable. With hope and belief we can build a better world, and create a civilization fit for human beings. --------- With insights from: Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, Prof. Noam Chomsky, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Prof. Simon Johnson, John Perkins, Max Keiser, Prof. Herman Daly, Prof. Michael Hudson, Gillian Tett, Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Prof. Richard Wilkinson and David Morgan.

ISBN: 9780956398536

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