Jack N Raven - How To Cheat Proof Your Relationships!

How To Cheat Proof Your Relationships!
A thought provoking book, entirely about the subject of seducing someone in a relationship! Either as the aggressor/Player, or the lover wanting to protect his or her love from being seduced by 3rd party Operators and Seducers.What are the elements involved in cheating, and how to make someone cheat are discussed in this book.This is not the book you want to read if you want to geek out on abstract, unproven methods and theories, written by arm chair Casanovas wannabes who have no actual field experiences. A dangerous proposition, considering you are working tight, you have limited number of mistakes and time to be successful at it- if your lover is in a current state of threat of being stolen!Some may be shocked at the revelations in this book. Information that comes from data from the hordes of members of the underground seduction community, who have dedicated years of study and practice in this craft.If you actually believe a promise of love, a ring, and a marriage contract is enough to guarantee complete loyalty from your partner forever? Then you absolutely must read this book before its too late!This is but a brief glimpse into the realities of cheating, and the methods to defend yourself against real life operators who know what they're doing, and can get people in committed relationships to sleep with them on a consistent basis.There are thousands of people existing underground who are now able to do this. Dont be a victim!Know the game, the REAL game (not the fairy tale world popular culture have led us to believe), so we can beat it!The good news is that, even the best "players" in the world can be defeated, and all it takes is a little bit of effort on your part to beat the Player at his game! But first you have to be exposed to the realities of seduction in the real world.This book will expose this world to you.

ISBN: 9781311791658

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