Melissa J Bruijn - How to Heal a Bad Birth

How to Heal a Bad Birth
How to Heal a Bad Birth is a straightforward guide for women who have experienced a difficult, disappointing or traumatic birth, and want to gain understanding and clarity about 'what happened' and why they feel so bad...and move on. Written by the founders of, this book works double-time as an indispensable resource for partners, family and health professionals, enabling them to offer meaningful support for a woman in this situation. Do people keep saying 'you should be grateful'? Often women are told to 'just get over it', or 'healthy mother, healthy baby... that's all that matters.' We know it's not that simple, and that your emotional health matters too. This book offers ideas and tools to: * explore & process the emotional impact of your birth * strengthen your relationship with your partner * reconnect with your child * deal with feelings such as failure, guilt, sadness, or anger * begin to plan for a better birth next time Join the hundreds of women who have used these tools to make sense, make peace, and move on from a bad birth.

ISBN: 9780992351618

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