Jean Bedord - I've Got a Domain Name--Now What???

I've Got a Domain Name--Now What???
Setting up your own domain and website without a readily available office expert can be challenging, even for the technically savvy. You have to choose from multiple options, from simple to complex, to configure web technology to meet your needs. Individually, each software component is not difficult. It's the oh-so-important details involved in putting them together that can be problematic.This book is your guide to the many technology tools that can be utilized to build your web presence. Stages from registering a domain name to creating a website and utilizing your domain for email and internet marketing are outlined.Top 5 things the reader will walk away with after reading the book:1. Set up a domain registration correctly for asset protection, email and a website.2. Evaluate options for building a website.3. Become aware of alternative email configurations for domain names.4. Make their domain and website findable using simple internet marketing techniques.5. Learn basic online and offline tactics for driving web traffic to their website.

ISBN: 9781600051104

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