Minerva Rising Literary Journal - Minerva Rising Literary Journal

Minerva Rising Literary Journal
This issue of Minerva Rising is a powerful tribute to the connection we feel to our mothers and our children. Each story, poem, essay, and picture is a testimony to the influence these relationships have on our creativity. In "Cyberattack," one woman questions what her twenty-year-old self would think of her decision to be a mother. In the poem, "My Mother was Dead, a daughter walks the streets in Poland retracing the steps of all the Jewish mothers who came before her. And "Aunt Ruth's Purse" connects one woman's tragic loss of her daughter with another woman's struggle with infertility. Contributing Authors: Laura Story Johnson, Annalee Dunn, Joanna White, Cathy Carr, Chloe Yelena Miller, Mary Calzonetti, Daisy Alpert Florin, Rachel Sarrett, Barbara Krasner, Muriel Fisher, Mary Brooking, Mary Brancaccio, Jessica Ciosek, Anne Webster, Norma Hawthorne, Jennifer Albrecht, Denise Kodi, Alice Campbell Romano, Anjali Enjeti, Rachel Mauro, Hannah Bissell, Virginia Bell, and Julia Paul

ISBN: 9780989574525

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