William Anthoney Nash - Nash's Rhyme Conglomerate

Nash's Rhyme Conglomerate
Nash's Rhyme Conglomerate is a collective reflection of the struggles endured by the physical survivors of this world. It reflects the brilliant aspirations of one black male soaring to be great, beyond all physical and psychological barriers set upon young black men in today's society. We must break the cycle of contentness and strive for our deepest dreams. We must change to remain as a people, making alterations and adaptation to the fabric of life. We must respect the environment in which we reign, our history and the life changing experiences which encompass our life cycle chronology.Never forget where you come from, no matter the circumstance. Protect and nurture your thoughts at all times They are precious commodities. Positively project your inner most feelings,while being conscious of those that may attempt to deter you on your personal path to success. Poetry is the tool I have chosen to eliminate the pains and pressures of life. This book illustrates personal truths on love, hate and society in a vaguely biographical fashion. All poetic ac-counts are real. The poetry you are about to read are words formulated from inquisitive thought patterns bringing forth the uncensored, uninhibited words. Words giving birth to truth.

ISBN: 9781412243513

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