Anastasia Wolf - Skype Sex for Lovers

Skype Sex for Lovers
Are you and your Lover separated by many miles and you'd like to maintain your sex life whenever you're apart? Are you and your Soul Mate looking for some captivating new ways to enhance your sexual adventures together? Then this book is FOR YOU! We share effective and fulfilling methods for you to learn and experiment with when coping with Love-at-a-Distance challenges. We challenge the old limitations of sexual relationships associated with travel or physical separation. This book contains useful and explicit advice on how to sustain the joys of passion, sincere emotions, and their physical expressions in the form of a fantastically healthy, playful and robust sex-life together. Regardless of your genders or orientations, we're confident in the effectiveness of these techniques. By applying these ideas, you will be able to achieve a level of sexual joy together that transcends geography well enough that you too will want to make this an indispensable part of your loving relationship! We want to give you practical advice that works quickly, simply and cost effectively. We'll also guide you on how to establish your technical and emotional "Set-Up" so that while experimenting with Skype-Love you won't be unduly hampered by technology bits or mental hardware distractions in the process.

ISBN: 9781483561615

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