Bethan Harries - Talking Race in Young Adulthood

Talking Race in Young Adulthood
At a time in which race lies at the heart of so much public debate, Talking Race in Young Adulthood comes at an important moment. Drawing on ethnographic research with young adults in Manchester, Harries engages with ideas of the post-racial to explore how young adults make sense of their identities, relationships and new forms of racism, consequently revealing how and in what ways race remains a salient dimension of social experience. Indeed, this book presents news ways of thinking about how we live with difference, as Harries analyses the relationship between racism, generational identities and the spatial confi gurations of a city. Offering a distinct contribution to the sociology of race, this book will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in fi elds such as Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology, Human Geography, Youth Studies, Cultural Studies and Social Anthropology.

ISBN: 9781317310174

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