David Anderson L. Iregbu - The Missing Line Book 1( The Osimiri Bride)

The Missing Line Book 1( The Osimiri Bride)
In this epic drama, you will find the way of life of the people of eziala ukwu: the sights of mermaids,Burying the priest with ten human heads and the act of the bloodline kissing the corpse,Were all common fetish belief.Furthermore, all that was threatened by the strange belief of the church represented by the catechistAnd his family.Ezinne, a maiden of akwakariri, the daughter of the catechist of Catholic Church was confined in the middle of this play in action. She was covenanted and betrothed to the osimiri, the god of eziala ukwu by her antecedent.Her antecedent saw it a common available option and a bigger offer to acquire what she needed mostly at the time,With no knowledge of the fierce battle, horrific terror and experience it will confine and expose the innocent maiden to.It is a common way of life for parents to engage their children unborn into such marriage covenant.Hence, it was common to engage a child unborn to a deity, but it is uncommon for that child to emergeAkpakirika the goddess, in eziala ukwu.Though it was common, but will it still be common when the child engaged is of a different way ofLife, belief and religion that threatens the common tradition?Against all odds in reality, osimiri the god of eziala ukwu rises to claim his betrothed.Why don't you discover how Its all going to play out in the sequence of this play.This play sure draws attention to a real possibility of the same battle raging in the lives of many Africans, Asians and westerners.Culture and tradition is our way of life, but we ought to draw attention to the source of it, practices, and checkmate its effects in our lives, spiritual and physical.Find out what becomes of Ezinne in this epic battle of the supernatural, mysticism, belief and powers.

ISBN: 9780463728444

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