Quawsi Samuel - The Science of Cryptocurrencies

The Science of Cryptocurrencies
Being a generic trader or investor in today's world is simply not enough. Learn a scientific and practical way of investing or trading in Cryptocurrencies and avoid the pitfalls that the common investor faces.Not so long ago, the Internet was an alien concept. However, now it is virtually impossible to imagine life without the Internet. Likewise, cryptocurrency was a foreign concept until a decade ago. Digital currency has revolutionized the world of commerce. Bitcoin ushered in the age of digital currency that has the power of replacing the age-old system of fiat currencies.Cryptocurrencies are radically different from the paper money standard that we make use of and are faster, cheaper, easier to use, and more democratic than any other monetary standard in existence at present. There are different types of cryptocurrencies in existence, and they all make use of a similar technology that is known as the blockchain technology.The Science of Cryptocurrencies will seek to explain in a systematic and practical way a couple facts regarding Cryptocurrencies such as explaining what they are, their advantages, the risks they pose, and their various uses. You will also learn about the different types of cryptocurrencies in existence, tips for investing in them, and about blockchain technology. You can get a better understanding of the futuristic world of cryptocurrencies by making use of the information provided in this book.Thank you for taking the time to for further details , I am most certain you will find this book to be very informative.

ISBN: 9781386406280

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