Robert Bolton - What Great Trainers Do

What Great Trainers Do
Corporate training is a challenging but incredibly rewarding job. To help others develop the skills they need to advance their careers and boost their organizations' bottom lines is an awesome privilege to undertake. But while your clients are being sharpened into fine, efficient, successful workers under your watchful eye, how are you being developed and refined as a trainer?What Great Trainers Do is your blueprint for strengthening and conditioning yourself as the best corporate trainer you can possible be. While providing a proven structure for dynamic workshops along with surefire strategies for blending course content with fluid interaction, this invaluable resource will show you how to:• Organize presentations for maximum impact• Use activities to connect participants to the content and each other• Fine-tune your delivery• Listen actively and read the group• Make presentations interactive• Adapt the course to fit the participants• And much more!What Great Trainers Do is a one-stop resource to provide invaluable guidance and support for anyone involved with the challenging task of corporate training. You're providing them with everything they need . . . don't forget about yourself!

ISBN: 9780814420072

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