Claude Acero - Your Costa Rica Expat Retirement and Escape Guide

Your Costa Rica Expat Retirement and Escape Guide
This new and extended guide will answer you all the questions before relocating to Costa Rica and will let you discover the country of ''La pura vida'' at your own pace before you even get there. This guide will help you: Get all the essential up-to-date trends, personal stories from expatriates, an insight of the mentality of the ''Tico'', profound immigration information, business ideas for Costa Rica, real estate knowledge, from importing products to healthcare, basically all the essential information you need to start over in Costa Rica. Furthermore, you get a deeper understanding of the culture and local business manners, a grasp for the lay of the land and nevertheless, in-depth information for ''evaders'', who have to stay anonymous under the radar and considering Costa Rica as their new home country.

ISBN: 6610000119943

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