7 Awesome Perks of Living in Southern Oregon

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I fit the Oregonian stereotype almost to a T. I absolutely love getting outside, adventuring, dogs, and finishing my day with a crisp IPA. I love my state, particularly the 100 mile radius of where I am from. I know as a typical Oregonian I should pretend Oregon is awful and try to keep the out-of-staters out of state. But I can’t help but brag of my home. I limited myself to just 7 of my favorite bits about Southern Oregon

Longer Fire Seasons, Less Snow: Climate Change’s Impact on Oregon

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Photo from pixabay.com

Smoke filled the sky. Ash crept into the lungs of Pacific North Westians. It felt as though the long summer would never end. While most children in the country filled their summer days with swimming pools and freedom from school, parents on the west coast held their children indoors. They limited exposure to the hazardous smoke filled conditions that surrounded them for the entire nearby radius. In Oregon and California the wildfires burned  like hellfire as the residents of both states desperately dreamed of the mercy of winter.